CDD Creation

CDD provides innovative and state of the art choreography for any project including photography, film, theatre, corporate events and dance productions. The choreography and movement created is individual and original with intense detail to the requirements of each project. Contemporary dance is continuously moving with time and developments.


CDD Workshops

CDD will hold workshops throughout the year in Dubai. Each workshop will focus on various aspects of Contemporary dance. Many of the workshops from 2015 will be inspired by Krista’s travels and work abroad as she comes in contact with and collaborates with various professional choreographers and artists.

Personal Trainer (PT)

Personal Trainer

Krista has been personal training clients for years in Dubai. As fitness and dance go hand in hand, so does fitness and living an ordinary life. With her huge passion for fitness as well as for dance, Krista has devised personalized programs for individuals based on the dancer way “ longer, leaner, less bulk, more tone”. She enjoys ‘sculpting’ the body to its best potential through a variety of specialized techniques including intense nutritional guidance.

Freelance Dancer - Krista Degaetano

Freelance Dancer

Krista Degaetano has dedicated her life to dance from childhood. Her dance career has been rich in training, performing, collaborating and pioneering Contemporay Dance in Dubai. Out of all the various facets of her art, dance performance is one most close to her heart.